Donation Drive Grand Total: $24,592.69
Congratulations Ford Families on a successful Fall Donation Drive!
This means that Mrs. McMullen will be definitely slimed and duct taped to a wall by each and every Mustang, so watch for details coming soon. Thank you for supporting Ford and our kids activities throughout the year!
Congrats to every student that donated for winning a prize patrol pass!  The prize patrol will announce dates for our student ticket choices of dance party, extra recess, game time, and/or tech time soon.  We will need some volunteer help and support to make it a success for students, so be on the look out for those sign-ups coming soon.
Our top donating class was Mrs. Lane’s 1st Grade Class! They will be enjoying a Dairy Queen Blizzard Party and Mrs. Lane will receive cooking class adventure basket.

The other top classes in each grade will get their choice of a donut, ice cream or pizza party.
Kindergarten - Mrs. Horne
2nd Grade - Mrs. Vanicek
3rd Grade - Mrs. Savage
4th Grade - Mrs. Konovodoff
5th Grade - Mrs.Whitmire

Our Top 24 Students received their prize invitations!  These top donators will get their pick of our adventure baskets on Monday morning!  Top donator parents, if you would like to be a part of their choosing of the prize baskets, please sign-in and meet in the Cheer Room (Kinder Hall) at 8:00am Monday morning, October 22.

Congratulations to our overall donation Grand Prize Winner where every student that donated was entered in the drawing for the Family Pogo Pass....Kaitlyn in kindergarten!!!